offers the most extensive feature set for collecting and analyzing every aspect of your gaming data. Take your games to a whole new level of Intelligence & Features.

Supercharged Games

Unparalleled Intelligence & Features IS AN API Wrapper & Native SDK

  • Native SDK for iOS & App Store
  • Native SDK for Andriod & OUYA
  • Native C++ SDK for Console Games (PS3, PS4, MS & Wii-U)
  • Native C++ SDK for Handhelds (Vita, 3DS, Shield)
  • And Well Over 20 Unity3D Plugins

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Built-In Support For…

  • Game Center, Google Play, Game Circle (including Multiplayer)
  • Cross-Platform Leaderboards, Achievements & Aggregates
  • Registration, Login, Player Profiles & Device Linking
  • Social Network Integration (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Cloud Storage, Save Game Data, Ghosts & Binaries

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As your players move through the game, their stats move with them to the cloud. Store player-unique save-state files using our player profile endpoint, or use leaderboards and analytics endpoints to aggregate scores and records match-after-match, even across devices.

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Friends, teams & clans

The only thing better than a playing your favorite game alone is playing it with friends, and we have APIs for that. From simple friends lists to team leaderboards, the GOOP APIs make it easy to add player interaction into your game.

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Our leaderboard system is incredibly powerful – rising above and beyond the traditional leaderboard systems you’ve probably used in the past. No longer will you be asked to send up the latest score (though you can do that if you want). Our systems actually allow you to send data at the end of the match, and we’ll create hundreds of leaderboards based on that data – from min / max, to newest or sum, even ratios of arbitrary fields – and leaderboards even work for teams, too!

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  • Store binary replays of your best players’ fastest levels.
  • Store JSON documents for global settings.
  • Store and retrieve from in-game or via the web-facing API.
  • Supports sorting and indexing hundreds of millions of blobs per title.

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Our Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unity
  • Steam
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Wii
  • HTML5